Because of Her, We Can! NAIDOC 2018


Well not far now until NAIDOC is here, our school is having our NAIDOC celebrations on Thursday next week (Last week of Term 2). We have planned a great day of activities and have some special guests coming which is exciting! I am so inspired and also touched by this years Naidoc theme. Because of Her, We Can. It is because of those beautiful, strong, courageous women (and in some cases men) who have walked before us and along side us that have helped shape us into who we are today.


If you have seen the Video I shared on Tipiac’s Facebook page the following activities I have come up with a few follow up activities after watching the short film which is

produced by Lavene Ngatokorua from the Davenport Community who worked with Dave Laslett from

By the way the film would suit any class from Kinder to year 12. Such a beautiful dedication video that your students will be inspired by.

A huge thank you to Lavene and Dave for allowing me to share their amazing work!




After watching the short film with your class you could do a few activities around the 2018 Naidoc theme, I have listed below a few ideas.


Activity 1 – Discussion

Get your students to sit in a Yarning circle and have an object that represents a talking stick. Teacher starts the discussion by talking about what he/she liked about the film. Then discuss one woman in your life that has helped you become who you are today and why they are special to you. Then pass the message/speaking stick to the next person and continue the discussion around the circle. Make sure the rules are clear that the only person speaking should have the stick in their hand.


Activity 2 – Worksheet (Portraits)

  1. Watch the film above.
  2. Download the Free Worksheet. HERE
  3. Get your students to draw a portrait of their special person.
  4. Once finished – students can write a letter to their chosen person telling them why they are important to them.


Activity 3 – Create your own dedication video

Check this video out: for ideas =) 


Good luck with your NAIDOC celebrations! Would love to see some pics on our social media sites! =) Inbox us on Facebook with your work samples.






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