Our Mission

We at TIPIAC truly know how precious time is for busy teachers and schools. With an ever expanding paperwork trail and ‘to do lists’ that continues to grow, our team at TIPIAC are here to help. We will not only save teachers and schools time in researching quality materials but time in developing and producing engaging lessons and resources that are developed with Indigenous perspectives. All teaching units are in line with the Australian curriculum and have Aboriginal resources and cultural online activities written and developed by Aboriginal teachers around Australia. We know that not every teacher has the time to research or even have the cultural knowledge or background to apply Aboriginal perspectives into their teaching programs. This is where we know that our online program will save teachers and schools time by providing high quality engaging lessons based on Aboriginal pedagogy with all resources needed for each lesson available at the touch of a button. We are very passionate about helping close the educational gap of Aboriginal children. We believe that TIPIAC’s resources will aid in providing our children with a sense of belonging at school, which in turn will help students gain a love of learning, which we all know will be life changing not just for our children but their families also.

TIPIAC would love to see Indigenous based units of work and resources in every Key Learning Area across every school and being used on a day to day basis. We believe that there should be more of an effort to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into programs (not just colouring in a boomerang but real in-depth lessons on culture and history based on pedagogy). With a great education and love for it, we are able to change not just our lives but the lives around us.

TIPIAC’s mission is to provide schools, teachers and students with every resource needed to build up Aboriginal perspectives in every subject. This will help in building a stronger connection between schools and Indigenous communities so our children can have a stronger connection to school and feel like their understood and their culture and history is truly valued.


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