NAIDOC worksheets 2018 Famous Australian Aboriginal Women Series – Infants Handwriting


NAIDOC 2018 ‘Because of Her, We Can’. A pack with 10 handwriting pages! 10 Famous Aboriginal Woman handwriting fact sheets.


NAIDOC worksheets 2018, the theme ‘Because of Her, We Can’. With this pack you will get 10 pages! There are 10 famous Aboriginal Women who have helped change Australia. You will get a Handwriting worksheet (in NSW font) about each woman with a colouring picture at the bottom of the sheet. This activity would make a wonderful activity during guided reading rotations as a handwriting practice sheet and will provide your kids with some amazing factual knowledge about Famous Aboriginal Women that have helped change Australia and paved the way for many Aboriginal people. Download now and start using this wonderful activity tomorrow! By the time NAIDOC 2018 comes around your children will be able to speak about 10 Aboriginal women in Australia! A great Literacy or History activity.


Download your NAIDOC worksheet 2018 pack now.




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