Making Patterns Using Aboriginal Symbols

Using Aboriginal Symbols to make patterns in Maths. 

Lesson Plan:

Introduction and warm up:

  1. Ask: What do you know about patterns? Turn to your partner and explain to your partner what you know about patterns. ~Give students a minute to explain patterns~
  2. Discuss with class some of their answers.
  3. Give an explanation of the meaning of a pattern . eg: Patterns can be made from numbers or pictures. Each pattern is made up of a rule. eg: continued pattern using pictures chosen.
  4. Watch short video on Aboriginal symbols by TIPIAC.
  5. Students cut and paste Aboriginal symbols and make patterns in their books. (Early finishers or extension activity ~ Ask students to come up with their own symbols and make a pattern using them)
  6. Share patterns and discuss some of the rules to finish the lesson.

~7 minute short film for children on using Aboriginal symbols to make patterns in maths~

Click here to get Cut & Paste worksheet. 

Would love to see some pics of your students work, could be anonymous. =) Post below in the comments for this blog or on Facebook.


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