TIPIAC is an online program for teachers and schools around Australia. TIPIAC is a program that has online resources and lessons written with Aboriginal perspectives by Aboriginal teachers.

Distinct from other products on the market TIPIAC provides resource for teachers and schools offering everything a school and classroom needs to incorporate culturally appropriate perspectives into the school curriculum. These resources are in line with the Australian Curriculum and each resource gives 5 to 10 weeks fully developed units of work with quality localised content, lesson plans, class handouts, community engagement protocols, videos, apps and guided reading resources. We offer resources for every KLA (key learning areas) in primary schools and are developing resources for secondary schools in the near future.

No longer will teachers need to research a variety of resources to put together lessons and resources in their own time, TIPIAC’s mission is to do that for you. We truly know how precious our time is as principals, teachers and teacher’s aides.  TIPIAC covers every Key Learning Area and also has resources for National celebration days like, NAIDOC week, Sorry Day, Australia Day, Anzac Day and many more. We have units of work and research projects for students on Aboriginal people in Australia. We also have a range of resources to help with their projects, eg: short films, interviews with local Aboriginal men and women giving their perspectives on a variety of topics, sharing their stories, history, every aspect of culture and also languages. TIPIAC has worksheets based on each of these short films and documentaries that could be used to further the children’s and teacher’s understanding of the topic.

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Bronwyn Cochrane

CEO, Founder, Teacher and Content Developer

Lena-Jade Cochrane

Art Director & Photographer

Coby Cochrane

Cinematographer & Film Editor

Karen Jane Flick

Teacher, Content Developer & Aboriginal Language Expert

CEO & Founder
Bronwyn Cochrane
As a teacher I truly believe that we have the ability to change the world, even if it is only one child at a time. As an Aboriginal girl growing up in a small town, was tough, I am not going to lie. But having someone in a safe environment that believed in me and my potential, I swear it gave me wings! I believe teachers have a responsibility to give children wings, providing that safe and nurturing place where they want to be. That classroom or school that shows them that being Aboriginal has nothing to do with your potential as a child. A school or classroom where their culture matters and is treasured. Now that's a classroom I would love to see in every school.That's why TIPIAC is so important for the future of our kids. A place where all children feel like they matter and a place where they have the opportunity to grow their wings. TIPIAC helps in providing teachers and schools with the tools and resources needed to help bring about the change that is needed to not only change the child's life but their whole family. ~Bronwyn Cochrane~
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Over the next few months we will be busy adding all of the resources that will help you plan and successfully implement culturally appropriate lessons and units of work into your programs. At current we are just starting up and our team is small with a huge task, so please be understanding and patient as we begin uploading lots more resources over the coming months.

In 2020 our aim is to provide Indigenous based online games and apps which can be used in the classroom for rotation activities such as guided reading, writing groups etc.

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